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Dungeon Delve #1


The sun has risen. After hasty preparations, your party gathers up their gear and enters the dungeon beneath the ruined temple. You tread carefully across cracked flagstones, stepping over shattered stone, pushing aside overgrowth and cobwebs. Without warning, a deafening rumble echoes behind you as dust fills the air, the sunlight disappears, and darkness shrouds your vision…
Introducing Dungeon Delve, a new fantasy roleplaying zine from Sigil Entertainment Group, bringing dungeon crawls to fans of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!
Dungeon Delve includes an adventure generator by Alan Bahr (Tiny Dungeon), a short story by John Wick (7th Sea), a hoard of magic items, brand new monsters chock-full of savage goodness, dozens of deadly traps and three adventures.