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Dan Gorman

Dan Gorman


Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH, United States

Biography: A Trained Medical Illustrator, Dan began working as a Sketch Card Artist in 2010 and has since worked on over 110 Licensed Trading Card sets featuring properties that include but are not limited to Marvel, DC, Star Wars,Star Trek, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, Alien and AMC’s The Walking Dead. In 2012, Dan began penciling stories for AC Comics’ FemForce title and continues to do so. That same year, Dan signed on to pencil the first issue of “Mac & Trouble”, a story about 2 cats who fall through a wormhole in their litter box, published by Outpouring Comics.

Dan continues to contribute to both that and other publications for the company. In 2013 Dan’s work premiered in the first issue of an independent comic called “Only Human”, which is independently distributed and carried in comic shops across the country. Dan is the co-creator and artist on the parody series “The Waddling Dead”. Dan’s work can also be seen in 2 issues of the “Grindhouse” Mini Series published by Darkhorse Comics. In 2015, Dan launched his first, free, weekly web comic called “The Atomic Blonde” which releases 1 new page every Wednesday at Each week’s installment is an homage to the Golden Age of comics with a Retro Sci-Fi flare! In 2016 Dan launched another Web Comic in association with The Akron Devil’s Strip Magazine called “The Akron Knight” which can be seen at


by Sigil

March 8, 2022