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Chiara Di Francia

Chiara Di Francia


Location: Turin, Italy

Biography: Chiara is an Italian illustrator and comics artist, born in Turin in 1984. She achieved the scientific maturity when she enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy, but drawing has always been her great passion.

She attended a first course of comics at the Accademia Pictor, where she honed her skills, despite not having an artistic career. She continued her studies by attending the Scuola Internazionale di Comics/International School of Comics and in the same years she began working as designer at various advertising studies.

She began her career in comics, drawing the two stories “Sabato alla grande” and “Storia di Anja”, written by Claudio Chiaverotti and published by cultural association Arci of Turin.

She contributed as colourist to the volume “Bacon – Roma 1937”, by Marco Natale, edited by Vittorio Pavesio Production.

In 2013 she started working for Splatter magazine, with the comic story “La casa del Giudice”, a modern interpretation of the story by B. Stoker, written by Massimiliano Filadoro.

She produced several horror-themed illustrations commissioned in occasion of a series of exhibitions, including the “H.P. Lovercraft Party” exhibition at Blah Blah in Turin, and she has also worked on other illustrations for “Amigo Comics” and “DriveThruRPG” publishers.



by Sigil

March 8, 2022