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Bien Flores

Bien Flores


Location: Morong, Rizal, Philippines

Biography: Bien is an Animator and Illustrator by trade and dabbles in 3D sculpting. He has over 20 years experience in animation. His fascination with art began as a child. Whether animation, comics, books or magazines. His created his first art at 9 or ten years old, when he made a mural on his bedroom wall, using only the highest quality cheap felt tip markers.

His sister wasn’t very impressed so she told their parents; but since his parents like the image, he got away with it. That was the start of his romance with drawings. His recent comics projects include are sketch cards for, Contemporary pin-ups, Rittenhouse, Upperdeck and Breygent. Other projects in animation side include Curious George TV series, Curious George Monkey on the Run, Little Mermaid 3, Fox and the Hound 2. Keep your eyes open for his big break into comics!



by Sigil

March 8, 2022