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Heroes live and go on grand adventures, yes. But heroes also die. Sometimes after a long life, their journeys and battles long past, but sometimes in the middle of an adventure or with a journey barely begun. Where do they go? Sometimes to the halls of their gods, yes. Sometimes to the infernal realms of everlasting torment and the fate they deserve, often richly. Sometimes they are reborn, to a new life as a new person or perhaps animal in their old world. But sometimes? Sometimes they are called to the Hereafter, a world that is just beginning with gods who are just getting started themselves.

The Green Lady. The Rudy Man. The Pale One. These are the demigods who would be gods if only they can get enough worshippers. Accordingly, they have created a world between them and gathered in souls from other realms—souls unaccounted for by other gods, or misplaced, or bartered, begged, or stolen outright, not that any or at least many souls know the details of what happened after their demise; souls of common men and women who lived common lives and souls of brave adventurers alike who still, nonetheless, died.
But the Hereafter, while an end, is also a beginning, for the Green Lady, the Rudy Man, and the Pale One are playing a game, for whichever one wins will not only be a god, but the high god above the other two. The game pieces are the souls, but the souls may play too, as adventurers, as worshippers, winning power and standing in the Hereafter and maybe even a chance to return to their former world, if they wish it, and the life they lost before they came here.

The Hereafter also has new classes, like the Tinker, and pregenerated characters for any players whose favorite characters haven’t died just yet.