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VTT Services

The number of gamers playing Tabletop RPGs online is growing at a significant rate, as this offers greater flexibility and community engagement than limiting games to in-person groups. However, playing games online isn’t as simple as in person gaming, since game masters and their players must work out how to accomplish this on different Virtual Tabletop Platforms.

In addition to being a full service Art Studio, Sigil Entertainment Group is now providing the most premiere and complete VTT conversion services for publishers and gaming studios. We are able to convert your systems, rulebooks, and adventures for full functionality to release on or Foundry Virtual Tabletop.

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What we convert:

  • Basic Game Rules Systems (via custom Character Sheets and skins)
  • Rulebooks (as Worlds or Compendium)
  • Ready-to-Play Adventures (from One-Shots to whole books, as Modules)
  • Content Packs (Tokens, Figures, Card Decks, Maps & Scenes, as Modules & Add-Ons)

What our services include:

  • Architecture & Development
  • Layout & Data Entry
  • Value-Added Feature Creation (from APIs, to Macros, Linking, and more)
  • Quality Assurance
  • Continued Maintenance & Support

Contact us to set up an appointment and get more information about how we can turn your TTRPG publications into ready to roll in Virtual Tabletop!


Past projects:

(All official Pinnacle Entertainment Group/Savage Worlds conversions for Roll20 and Foundry VTT are our responsibility.)