Sigil in 2018!

We’ve had a busy 2018 so far, can’t believe it’s almost April. We started things off fulfilling our first kickstarter, the Classic Horror Deck. We had a great time working on it and have another deck in the works for Jason A. Engle’s Mausolea.

We’ve also been hard at work finishing off the last of Pinnacle’s Flash Gordon kickstarter and it’s been a blast! Sigil contributed art direction, illustration, graphic design, maps, layout and more. Here are a couple of amazing covers by Aaron Riley.

We’re dipping our toe into publishing this year! We’re working on some Dungeon Masters Guild material, a line of Starfinder compatible products, and some Storytellers Vault books. Here’s the cover for our first book, coming soon!

We’re working on a few more projects we can’t share just yet, but we’ll have more for you soon!